Eaton House The Vale School

Message about the Head


Mr Robin Greenwood

Robin was born in South Africa and studied Music at college there before gaining a Bursary to study Piano at Trinity College of Music, London. Having completed his music studies – concluding with a performance of the Ravel G major Piano Concerto in a College concert – he then went on to gain an Honours degree in Biological Sciences at Birkbeck College, University of London. He remains very keen to complete a PhD, but real life continues to intrude…

Robin joined the Eaton House Group of Schools in September 1987 as a Science teacher at Eaton House Belgravia and Eaton House The Vale, and he also taught Piano to a number of pupils in both schools. When Eaton House The Manor opened in 1993, Robin left the Vale and set up the Science department and oversaw the setting up of the Music department there. Writing the 13+ Science syllabus, sourcing laboratory furniture, stocking the laboratory, cajoling Mr and Mrs Harper into agreeing to the installation of a Wildlife Pond, and so on, took time and energy – but it was very well worth it!

Robin became Head of Science and then Deputy Headmaster, a role he thoroughly enjoyed as it allowed him to interfere in all aspects of the school with impunity. Robin left the Eaton House Group at the end of 2003 to become Headmaster of Wetherby Preparatory School in Notting Hill. Robin returned to the family of schools to become Head of Eaton House The Vale in September 2008.