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Admissions procedure for all Eaton House Schools


Eaton House Schools are proud to operate a first come, first served policy for admission to our Schools at both Nursery and Kindergarten (Reception Year) level. We recommend early registration where possible.

To register your son or daughter, please complete an online registration form selecting the school(s) that you are interested in. The registration request form can be completed at Registration Request Form and submitted online. Alternately you may contact the Schools office on 020 7924 6000.

A registration form and prospectus for the relevant School(s) will be sent to you by post. The registration form should be completed and returned to the School office, for the attention of Ms Jennifer McEnhill, Head of Admissions together with the appropriate registration fee of £80 for a definite place offer or £50 for a waiting list place offer. An email will be sent to you confirming receipt of your registration form and payment of the registration fee.

All parents of children with definite places will be invited to visit the School for a tour and meet with the Headteacher approximately a year to 18 months prior to their child joining the school.

We require written confirmation of your acceptance of the place offered to your son or daughter. The Head of Admissions will send you the Admission’s Pack, containing the Parental Contract and deposit request, one year prior to your child joining the School. A deposit, refunded at the end of your child’s time with us, is payable upon acceptance.

Please contact the Head of Admissions, should you have any questions, on 020 7924 6000 or email

Eaton House The Manor Boys Preparatory School.

All applicants for the Boys Prep School are subject to assessment prior to entry. Boys will either be assessed at 8+ or, if they are a pupil at Eaton House The Manor Pre-Prep, be subject to continual assessment in Year 2.

Parents wishing to register their son for admission to the Prep School are requested to complete the online registration request form at Registration Request Form and submit the form through our website.

External candidates seeking 8+ admission to the Prep School should ensure their son is registered by no later than [30] November of the year preceding admission.

Occasional Places

A limited number of places may be available for admission to our Schools outside the main entry points at 4+ and 8+. Please contact the Head of Admissions to enquire about availability and for further details.

When any place is offered, parents are required to inform the school if their child has special needs of any kind. This includes children with statements of educational needs (SEN) or children for whom English is not their primary language (EAL) and allows the consideration by the school of whatever reasonable adjustments may be appropriate so that children with any special need can be accommodated.

Eaton House Schools expect pupils to work towards normal development milestones within the English education curriculum.

Full details of the Schools’ Admissions Policy can be found here.

Full details of the Schools’ Terms and Conditions can be found here.