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The Eaton House Group of Schools aim to develop and nurture each pupil and encourage them to achieve their best in the academic, artistic and sporting fields. Pupils at all the schools are offered a broad, balanced curriculum and are helped to grow their independence within this framework.

We take great pride in the fact that children are not tested prior to entry at 4 years old yet still achieve excellent academic results. We operate a non selective entry system, using a first come first served process. Entry to the Boys Preparatory School at Eaton House The Manor is the exception to this.

Eaton House Schools are well known for their academic prowess and outstanding results across the board. Ultimately our understanding of all children and their different levels of development are addressed effectively with an emphasis on encouraging and fostering individual areas of talent as well as instilling confidence, self worth and respect for others.

We hope our website will give some indication of the life and structure of the schools.