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pic_about_1In 1897, Mr J Morton opened a small school for boys, at first located in Sloane Street and then in Cliveden Place. He had been encouraged in this venture by the mother of a boy that he was coaching – Harold Macmillan.

Due to Mr Morton’s exceptional teaching abilities, the school grew rapidly. By January 1937, some 50 boys were enrolled, forcing the school to move to 3 Eaton Gate. By 1946, 5 Eaton Gate was purchased to accommodate the ever-expanding school.

The outbreak of war forced an all-school evacuation to Haines Hill in Berkshire, where, for the first and only time in the school’s history, the pupils had to board. Armistice Day heralded a return to London.

In 1959, the school was bought by Mr and Mrs Ingham who had previously run Westminster Kindergarten. When they retired, the school was taken over by Mr and Mrs Harper. Mrs Harper, then Head of the Junior School, had 14 years service with the school and was newly-married to Mr Don Harper.

In 1980, Mr and Mrs Harper were approached by parents concerning a co-educational school in The Vale, off King’s Road, owned by the Hon Elizabeth Russell, who was retiring after twenty-five years. Mr and Mrs Harper purchased the school and in 1986, moved The Vale to bigger premises at its current location in Elvaston Place, South Kensington.

Eaton House The Manor on Clapham Common is housed in a beautiful building dating back to 1792. It was originally known as Byrom House until it was sold in 1841, when it became The Beeches. In 1876 the property was sold to Dr F. C. Maxwell, who founded The Manor House School. For the last 140 years the site has been the home of educational excellence.

Together these schools form the basis of the Eaton House Group of Schools, which today includes Eaton House Belgravia, Eaton House The Vale in South Kensington and Eaton House The Manor Schools.