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Eaton House Belgravia Headmistress’ Weekly News

Monday, September 29th, 2014

Download the latest Eaton House newsletter (Issue 4) of Autumn Term 2014 (PDF, 1.4Mb)

Eaton House Belgravia Headmistress’ Weekly News

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

Download the latest Eaton House newsletter (Issue 3) of Autumn Term 2014 (PDF ,339Kb)

Eaton House Belgravia Headmistress’ Weekly News

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

Download the latest Eaton House newsletter (Issue 2) of Autumn Term 2014 (PDF ,214Kb)

Eaton House Belgravia Headmistress’ Weekly News

Monday, September 8th, 2014

Download the latest Eaton House newsletter (Issue 1) of Autumn Term 2014 (PDF ,139Kb)

Eaton House Belgravia Autumn Term 2014 Welcome letter

Monday, September 8th, 2014

Dear Parents,

It has been wonderful to welcome you all back to Eaton House and especially to all the  new families joining Kindergarten.  Again, this year we have many siblings joining the new year group which is superb.

I am delighted to introduce you to some new staff at Eaton House.  Miss Lottie (LKG), Miss Becs (KG1), Miss Catherine (KG2), Miss Emma (KG3), Miss Laura (KG4), Miss Annabel (Yr1), Miss Sophie (1A) and Miss Annie (F3).  Miss Nelly and Mr Dixon-Smith are with us as Gap Students.  Head of House staff are: Yellow, Mr Cooke: Blue, Miss Henrietta: Green, Mr Carothers and Red, Miss Helen.  Year Group co-ordinators are:  KG, Miss Clare:  Year 1, Miss Lucy:  Year 2, Miss Henrietta:  Year 3, Miss Annabel.  We also welcome our new School Secretary/Head’s PA, Miss Liz.  Miss Liz joins us from Dulwich College and previously she worked at other schools both in and out of London. Do feel free to pop into the office to introduce yourselves.  She is doing a great job but do please bear with her over the coming weeks as she learns the r
opes and names!  Please note that her email address is

Term dates will be posted on our website.  We will continue to send out a weekly newsletter.  Please make sure that we have your up-to-date e-mail address as well as all contact details. If you do not receive our e-mails please let us know.

Please return signed report books as soon as possible.

If your son brings a scooter to school, please do not bring it into the building or leave it on the steps. Scooting to school is much encouraged but if you leave scooters here during the day, please chain them to the railings.

There will be a box in the No 3 Entrance Hall next week for a collection of donated novels (not children’s) that can be taken to the Royal Marsden Hospital. These will be sold in the hospital shop in aid of The Friends of the RMH. I would be very grateful if someone could volunteer to drop the books into The Marsden at some point next week.

Please make sure that we have up-to-date medical information and any change of address/contact numbers. Please let the school office know if you do not receive the weekly newsletter on Friday in case we need to update email addresses.

Uniform: Please ensure that your son has the correct uniform and kit at school at all times. To avoid any confusion or unnecessary phone calls home, please make sure that your son knows that his Games kit etc is on his peg in school. ALL items must be clearly named with tapes (not pen). There are lost property boxes in each cloakroom.

Boys must have a green cagoule which should be kept in the front pocket of the satchel. School caps are to be kept there too and always worn to and from school.

I am aware that both Perry and Peter Jones are out of stock of some items. Boys will not be penalised for lack of kit if it is due to lack of supply!

There will be the usual number of matches, sporting events and choir performances this term and throughout the year. Parents, grandparents, friends, etc. are all encouraged to lend as much support as possible.  Support means so much to the boys and the staff and is a superb reflection of us to other schools.


There will be more information sent out to you shortly but do please put the date in your diary – our parties are now legendary! Photos of previous years will be displayed on the plasma screen in the No 3 Hall in due course.

Clubs: start next week.  I am resending the club list as there has been some extra clubs added.  Please email the relevant member of staff directly and they will be in touch if boys are not successful in gaining a club place.  If numbers are too small, some clubs might not run.

Information Evenings: Please do try to attend these evenings as there is much to pass on to you about your son’s new class.  We hope as many of you as possible are able to attend.

For Year 3 parents, there will be a Question and Answer session and a brief talk by me and the staff in the Hall, specifically about 8+.  Last year the session lasted for approximately 30 – 40 minutes.  I and the staff will, of course, be available throughout the term to talk to you specifically about your son but do please try to attend Wednesday 10th September meeting as we will be able to give you some useful, general information about the process or individual schools.

There will be a similar Q&A session for Year 2 parents on Thursday, 11th September.

Break: I encourage you to send in snacks/drinks in reusable containers.  Crisps/apples/snacks should not be brought to school in a plastic bag unless really necessary so as to avoid waste.  Please also discuss with your son what he would like or is willing to try for break, again to reduce waste.  Boys may not bring yoghurts in for break as they can be too messy for the classroom.  Sanwiches are allowed.  Pleae remember that break/snacks MUST NOT contain any nuts, sesame extracts/oils. Owing to some extreme allergies, please do not give your son anything like peanut butter or cereals containing nut for breakfast during the week as this can have an effect on boys with allergies.
Collection: Please note that KG and Year1 boys (only) may be collected at 3.20 to avoid congestion on the stairs when the senior boys go home. F2s and F3s may be collected at 3.30pm. There is no exception for siblings or out of school tennis lessons etc.  All boys will stay in their classroom until 3.45pm when the doors close. At that time, they will be taken to the late/club room (the Library) and a member of staff will be on duty with them until 4.00pm. If any non-club/coaching boys are still in school at 4pm they will be taken to the office and parents will be contacted. Please make sure that class teachers are notified, in writing, of any changes to collection plans.

If you are collecting boys from a club, please do not come into school before 5.00pm. If you are collecting your son from tutoring before 5.00pm, please do not let other parents/carers into the school or indeed at any other time of the day.

There may be some congestion on the stairs in the first few days of term whilst our new parents and boys find their classrooms.  Please bear with them all, but please adhere to the above collection plans.  The timings are for parents’ benefit as well as allowing for extra time in Year 2 and Year 3 where senior lessons run until 3.30pm.  They also return to school from games at that time, so please help by not queuing outside classrooms before the given times. It would also help if you could walk up by the wall and down by the banisters, as the boys do.

Sadly, Miss Jayne (Head of Music) has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer.  She is due to start chemotherapy treatment soon and, as a result, will not be at school for some months. I will be telling the boys that Miss Jayne is unwell and will not be back at school for a while.  At this stage, I do not envisage giving them more specific information. However, if a boy does hear that she has cancer, our policy is to tell the boys the truth and say that they can help her feel better by doing things such as sending a class card.  I am sure that you will all join me in wishing Miss Jayne well.

Until we have someone to cover her role, our peripatetic teachers will contact parents of existing pupils and will organise lessons.  If any new pupils would like to start lessons, please e-mail me and I will pass the request to the relevant staff. Peripatetic staff are due back next week and they will be in touch about lessons. Private lessons are now £20.00 per half hour. I would encourage as many pupils as possible to take instrumental lessons. We currently have violin, piano, guitar, drums and recorder teachers. We are due to recruit a voice teacher as Mr Warden is now spending more of his time at Sussex House and Highfield School.

If any parents are willing to offer their services as a class rep, please contact your son’s teacher next week. I will give out a full list of the class reps in the next newsletter. The first rep meeting will take place in the dining room at 09.45 on Friday, 19th September.

Our new Head Boy is Alexander West (3B Yellow) and our Deputy Head Boy is Dermot Christmas (3B Blue). I know that they and the other monitors (to be announced next week) will do a superb job to help make the school run smoothly. I thank them all very much and look forward to working with them.

I am aware that I have outlined a lot of do’s and don’ts!  The essence of this letter is to welcome you but also make sure that you know what is required for the new school year. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the school. There will be other letters or e-mails with information for you throughout the term, please check your son’s homework folder (and sometimes desk…) regularly.

I would also be grateful if you could pass on any information to anyone other than yourselves who may be involved in your son’s time at school (nannies, drivers, etc).

I look forward to seeing you all and to a happy and eventful term.

Yours sincerely,

Miss Lucy Watts

Eaton House The Manor Pre-Preparatory Autumn Term 2014 Welcome letter

Monday, September 8th, 2014

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the new academic year. I hope you all had a tremendous summer. It is absolutely fantastic to have the boys back as the school is now alive again.

I have restructured the timetable to enable all classes to begin with a reading and phonics session each day starting promptly at 8.40am, apart from a Tuesday when we begin the day with Assembly. The reading and phonics session on this day is after Assembly. To enable enough time for the boys to prepare for school we are now opening the main front entrance at 8.25am. The teachers will be available from 8.25am, but at 8.40am they will call the class to order and begin the day as they cannot delay the reading and phonics session. The school day is also extended by five minutes and ends at 3.35pm.

Please study the card Autumn Term Calendar carefully and highlight appropriate dates. Additional copies of the Calendar are always available from the notice board and it is also accessible via the school website.

Some key dates are as follows:-

The Information Evening on Monday 8th September is for the KGs only. It will be from 5:30pm in the Theatre. I have re-arranged the other dates to take account of siblings in other year groups and to avoid clashes that some of you may have.

€¢  10th September, 5.30pm – Year 3 Information Evening in the Year 3 classrooms
€¢  11th September, 5.30pm – Year 2 Information Evening in the Sports Hall
€¢  12th September, 3.30pm – Year 1 Information Evening in the Sports Hall – we will also be able to look after the boys as this event is directly after school
€¢  9th September, 6.30pm for 7pm – New Theatre Opening Party
€¢  18th September, 5.30pm – KG Parents Reading Workshop in the Theatre
€¢  19th September Jeans for Genes Day. On this day the boys can wear their own clothes and bring in a donation
€¢  25th September, 5.30pm – Maths Workshop in the Theatre
€¢  6th October – Art Week (more details to follow)
€¢  14th & 15th October – Parents’ Evenings to discuss how your son is settling in
€¢  16th October, 9.45am – Harvest Festival at Holy Trinity Church
€¢  Monday 20th – Friday 24th – Half Term holidays
€¢  31st October – Halloween Party (more details to follow)
€¢  21st November – Long leave weekend – no school on this day
€¢  27th November – Christmas Fair
€¢  8th December – Open House – an opportunity for your son to show you the work he has completed this term
€¢  9th December, 2.30pm – Pre-Prep Carol Service at Holy Trinity Church
€¢  11th December – School ends at 12.00pm

Your son’s teacher will also send an information letter home which details the dates of class assemblies. We are excited about the term ahead and working with the boys to ensure they achieve the best in everything they do.

Best wishes,

Huw May
The Headmaster

Eaton House The Vale Autumn Term 2014 Welcome letter

Monday, September 8th, 2014

Dear Parents

For those of you joining us for the first time, a very warm welcome, and to our returning pupils and families, welcome back.

I do hope that you all had a fantastic summer – the children are always very keen to share their holiday stories, and it sounds like everyone had a great time.

My usual request at this stage is to ask for you to please check the term dates on the school website so that you can plan your holidays accordingly. Half term is the week of 20th October, and we will have a long weekend with Friday 21st November as a holiday. Please also do keep an eye on the website for dates for Parents’ Evenings, Nativity and so on.

If your child is unwell, please telephone the school or email the teacher as early in the day as possible so that we can fill in the registers accordingly.

I would like to invite you to an informal information and drinks evening next Monday, 8th September. The class teachers will be in their classrooms at 6pm sharp to give you a brief outline of some aspects of your child’s curriculum, after which I would be delighted if you could join me in the Hall for a glass of wine between 6.15 and 7.30.

I am sure the children will settle down very quickly as always. Do take them into their classrooms for the first couple of days; please don’t stay long though, as they will calm down much sooner if you leave them and us to it!

We look forward to a happy and successful term; all new parents and pupils will find they are warmly welcomed by everyone. Please do feel free to talk to us and we will answer any questions you have as best we can.

With best wishes for a wonderful Autumn term,

Mr R. Greenwood

Eaton House Manor Nursery Autumn Term 2014 Welcome letter

Friday, September 5th, 2014

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to you all and I hope you had a wonderful summer. I am very much looking forward to the busy term ahead. I would like to welcome the new Yellow Room children and their families to the nursery. We hope your little ones settle easily and start to love their time at nursery.


We have an open door policy where you are very welcome to speak to the class teacher and assistants for a few minutes each day but please arrange a different time for something that might take longer to discuss. We will email all correspondence and in addition to this, I will send all initial letters and the Nursery calendar home on paper, which is easier to pin on to the family notice board! Do please let us know if your email address has changed. You will also find a white board near the entrance to each classroom telling you about the weekly Show and Tell theme and other information. There is a large white board outside the Nursery entrance under the lean-to, for more general information.


We appreciate any volunteers who would like to come and read to the children, help out with cooking, swimming or out of school visits. The children love to share their time at Nursery with Mummy and Daddy or any other special person. We also need weekly helpers with swimming to the Manor pool.

WOW observation

As part of the Early Years curriculum we make many observations on the children, however it is very important that we also know about any significant achievements outside of Nursery. This can be anything from recognising a number in the street, to riding a bike or staying in their bed all night. We have a WOW observation form for you to complete and return back to your class teacher. This can be done at any time during the term.

Dates for your diary

Parents’ Evening will be held on Wednesday 26th November when you can discuss your child’s progress. Details will be given nearer the time. We also have a Long Weekend this term, Friday 21st November.
Lastly, we would really appreciate it if you could you bring in old newspapers, plastic bags and recycling for junk modelling.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to come and see me in the Green Room.

Kind regards,

Miss Roosha
Head of Nursery

Eaton House The Manor Preparatory Autumn Term 2014 Welcome letter

Friday, September 5th, 2014

Dear Parents,

A warm welcome back to the new academic year at Eaton House The Manor. I do hope that the summer holiday was enjoyable for you all and that the boys are looking forward to the new term. The weather was kind to us at the end of last term, so let us hope that the sun continues to shine through September (and beyond).

The exciting news is that the new theatre and the Girls’ School classrooms have been completed on time and we are looking forward to making full use of the theatre over the coming year! I hope that you will be able to come to the theatre opening party on Tuesday 9th September, but if not, you will be able to see the new theatre at the Welcome Evenings.

Work has started on creating new offices for the Admin. Team and this is due to be completed by April 2015. The walkway from the main school entrance to the gym and theatre is now covered and the workmen will not come into contact with the pupils as they will have a separate entrance. We need to create additional office space for our admin. team because we are having new classrooms on the top floor in September 2015.

I am very pleased to be able to welcome new staff into the fold. Mr Toby Day is class teacher to 4TD, Mrs Elizabeth Emerton joins the Maths department and Mrs Victoria Ferruzzi will be teaching English. We welcome back Mrs Nickalls (Science) from maternity leave and our Gap Student is Thomas Langley who left Dulwich College this summer. We must also congratulate Mrs Naomi Pearson (née Mann) on getting married during the summer.

The boys have been issued today with school calendars. Each pupil has been given two calendars, so that one can be kept at home for your benefit, while the other can be left here at school. On the calendars you will note that we have welcome evenings for parents coming up very soon. You are invited to come to the theatre for a glass of wine at 5.30pm, a short talk from me at 5.45pm followed by an opportunity to meet your son’s new class teacher. I do hope you will be able to attend and I highlight the dates below:

Wednesday 10th : Year 4
Monday 15th : Year 5
Tuesday 16th : Year 6
Wednesday 17th : Years 7 & 8


I look forward to seeing you all very soon and wish the boys a very happy and successful year.

Yours sincerely,

Jeremy Edwards

The Manor Girls' Autumn Term 2014 Welcome letter

Friday, September 5th, 2014

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to the Autumn Term. I hope you have all enjoyed a wonderful summer with your families.


I am delighted to announce our monitors for the coming academic year:

Head Girl: Sophia Constantinou-Hickman
Deputy Head Girl: Félicite Baroudel
Head Chorister & Music Monitor: Tilda McLean
Sports Captain: Beccy Smith
Head Librarian: Abigail Tinsley
Arundel House Captain: Polly Hutchison
Arundel Vice Captain: Anna Metcalfe
Balmoral House Captain: Jemima Allison
Balmoral Vice Captain: Beatrix Bannister
Stirling House Captain: Aaliya Hireker
Stirling Vice Captain: Riya Treohan
Windsor House Captain: Jemima Catt
Windsor Vice Captain: Ella Eastwood


We have another fantastic group of girls in our Form Six this year and we look forward to seeing them rise up to the challenges of these roles and the forthcoming 11+ exams.

Building Works

Our new classrooms, Theatre and Art Room are all completed and looking lovely! Please do join us on Tuesday 9th September for our official opening at 7.00pm but in the meantime please feel free to take a wander around the school to get your bearings. The two new KG classes and Form 1 are on the ground floor, F5 and F6 are at the bottom and top of the rear staircase, and Forms 2, 3 and 4 are upstairs above the Theatre.

The development of new office space to the side of the boys’ Prep school has begun and work will continue on this project until April.

Arrival and Dismissal

In order to ease congestion at the front door in the mornings we ask that all children entering via the main front door at 8.30 come straight through, and then shake my hand at the entrance to the Girls’ School. Miss Calypso (Assistant PA) will open the doors at 8.30am and children should then make their way to their respective schools.

All girls in the school will now be dismissed from their classrooms. They should leave at 3.30 or 4.00pm by the main Girls’ Entrance where either Miss Nicola or myself will be waiting to say goodbye. Any children departing at 5.00pm should be collected from their activity and may then leave as usual.

New Girls

We are delighted to welcome thirty four girls into our two Kindergarten forms this term. In addition we have four new girls joining in F1, F3 and F4E; this takes our pupil numbers to 147.

Staff News

A warm welcome to our new teachers this term: Miss Helen Dyson (Form 1 Teacher), Miss Laura Burroughs (Head of Games – maternity cover), and Ms Cathy Burnaby-Atkins, who joins us in October (Learning Support – maternity cover).

We have four new Assistant Teachers: Miss Louise (KG1), Miss Marianna (KG2), Miss Charlotte (F1) and Miss Ellie (F2). Miss Ellie gained her PGCE from Buckingham University whilst teaching at Stowe, and so in addition to being the F2 Assistant Teacher she will also teach Religious Studies to our Senior girls.

Finally we have two new Gap Assistants: Miss Kitty (Tudor Hall) and Miss Olly (Marlborough).

Congratulations to Miss Georgie and Miss Georgina who both got married over the summer holidays, and to Miss Charlotte who got engaged!

Parents’ Information Evenings

There will be a Parents’ Information Evening for all forms on Thursday 11th September at 6.00pm. This will be followed by a drinks party for parents with daughters in Kindergarten. The evening will provide an excellent opportunity for you to get to know your daughter’s new form teacher and to gain a good understanding of the expectations and routines within that year group.

Our Senior Schools Information Evening will take place on Tuesday 30th September at 6.00pm
The evening will start with an information session for Form 4 parents about the process of applying to Senior Schools and Mrs Jayne Triffit, Headmistress of Woldingham School, will follow with a talk open to all interested parents in Forms 3-6. More details will follow nearer the time.

Early Morning Room and Homework Class

Early Morning Room will continue to run every day between 8.00 and 8.30am for all year groups, and Homework Class will run from 4.00-5.00 pm on Monday to Thursday for girls in F4-6.

If your daughter requires a place in either of these sessions please email Miss Nicola ( giving your daughter’s name and the days required. There is no charge for these sessions but places will be limited.

All girls attending the Early Morning Room should go straight to the basement with all their belongings and register with our Gap Assistants Miss Kitty and Miss Olly.


Your daughter will bring home a calendar with all term dates and activities. We have many exciting activities and events planned and I have outlined some key dates for your diary below. We shall continue to fundraise for Reverse Rett this term and all proceeds from our Christmas Fair and Film Night will be sent their way. You may notice that we have been lucky enough to secure tickets to take the children to The Lion King for our Christmas Theatre trip – we have loved the pantomime at Wimbledon Theatre but we are aware that many families book that independently, so thought it would be fun to do something different!

10th November Exam Week (F2-F6)
19th November Parents’ Evening
27th November Christmas Fair (eve)
2nd December Nativity Play (pm)
5th December Ballet Presentation (am)
10th December Carol Service (pm)


Theme for the Term

Our theme for this term, which will be considered across all aspects of school life, will be on encouraging resilience in our girls. I have arranged for the Parent Practice to run a workshop for any interested parents entitled €˜Helping Children Cope with Life’s knocks’ on Wednesday 29th October.
We look forward to another fun-filled and productive term. Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to pop in for a chat or call me. Alternatively you may email me at

With best wishes,

Mrs Sarah Segrave