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Eaton House Belgravia Welcome Letter

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Dear Parents,

It has been wonderful to welcome you all back to Eaton House and especially to all the new families joining Kindergarten.  Again, this year we have many siblings joining the new year group which is superb.

I am delighted to introduce you to some new staff at Eaton House.  Mr Jones, an old boy, is with is for a term as a gap student.  Miss Fenella (LKG), Miss Arabella (KG1), Mr Kennedy (KG3), Miss Helen (1A), Miss Loulou (1B) and Miss Lucy Backham (1C) are all welcome.  Miss Davida has taken over the Science Department.

Term dates will be posted on our website.  We will also continue to send out a weekly newsletter.  Please make sure that we have your up to date e mail address as well as all contact details.

Please return report books as soon as possible.

If your son brings a scooter to school, please do not bring it into the building or leave it on the steps.

There will be a box in the no 3 entrance hall next week for a collection of donated novels (not children’s) that can be taken to the Royal Marsden Hospital.  These will be sold in the hospital shop in aid of The Friends of the RMH.

If your son is doing Friday Karate club at 4.30, he has an option to join a homework group with Mr Kennedy (3.45-4.30) There will be an additional charge for this.  Please see Mr Kennedy in KG3 if you are interested.  Otherwise, the 4.30pm club boys must have other cover arrangements.
Additional club- Mr Kennedy will run a homework club on Tuesdays (Y2 & Y3).  Please see him if you interested.

If you are interested in using the Fulham minibus service in the mornings, please contact Miss Natalie.

A number of you will know that Miss Diane was unwell at the end of last term.  She is still yet to recover and is currently not back at work due to €˜an unknown viral illness’.  I am sure that you will all join me in wishing her well and we hope that she returns to us soon.

BIKES- As you will no doubt have noticed, THE BIKES are STILL outside our school, much to my horror.  TfL and Westminster Council, in their wisdom, failed to inform me that they have had a hold up on the re housing of the site.  I have been informed that they are experiencing a two month delay on the removal of the site.
A number of you were extremely generous in donating money towards our share of the cost of removal.  As yet, we have not parted company with this money nor will we until the bikes have finally been removed.  Those of you whom know me will understand that I will not let this rest until they have been moved to their rightful home!  In the meantime, I urge you all to make sure that you DO NOT double park outside.  I am trying to keep the area outside school as safe as possible.  Please help me to do so.

Uniform: Please ensure that your son has the correct uniform and kit at school at all times. To avoid any confusion or unnecessary phone calls home, please make sure that your son knows that his Games kit etc is on his peg/in school. ALL items must be clearly named with tapes (not pen).   There are lost property boxes in each cloakroom.

Boys must have a green cagoule which should be kept in the front pocket of the satchel. School caps are to be kept there too and always worn to and from school. Cagoules are now available from Perry.

I am aware that both Perry and Peter Jones are out of stock of some items.  Boys will not be penalised for lack of kit if it is due to lack of supply!

There will be the usual number of matches, sporting events and choir performances this term and throughout the year.  Parents, grandparents, friends etc. are all encouraged to lend as much support as possible.  Support means so much to the boys and the staff and is a superb reflection of us to other schools.  This year the choir have been invited to sing at the Elizabeth Street Fair and for the first time, at Cadogan Hall.  (See term dates, all welcome)


There will be more information sent out to you shortly but do please put the date in your diary- our parties are now legendary!  Photos of previous years will be displayed on the plasma screen in the No 3 hall in due course.

Information Evenings:  Please do try to attend these evenings as there is much to pass on to you about your son’s new class.  We hope as many of you as possible are able to attend.

For Year Three parents, there will be a Question and Answer session and a brief talk by me and the staff in the hall, specifically about 8+.  Last year the session lasted for approximately 30-40 minutes.  I and the staff will, of course, be available throughout the term to talk to you specifically about your son but do please try to attend Monday’s meeting as we will be able to give you some useful, general information about the process or individual schools.

Break: I encourage you to send in snacks/drinks in reusable containers. Crisps/apples/snacks should not be brought to school in a plastic bag unless really necessary so as to avoid waste. Please also discuss with your son what he would like or is willing to try for break, again to reduce waste. Boys may not bring yoghurts in for break as they can be too messy for the classroom, likewise sandwiches are not allowed.

Please remember that break/snacks MUST NOT contain any nuts, Sesame extracts/oils.  Owing to some extreme allergies, please do not give your son anything like peanut butter or cereals containing nuts for breakfast during the week as this can have an effect on boys with allergies.

Collection: Please note that KG and F1 boys (only) may be collected at 3.20pm to avoid congestion on the stairs when the senior boys go home. F2s and F3s may be collected at 3.30pm. There is no exception for siblings or out of school tennis lessons etc. All boys will stay in their classrooms until 3.45pm when the doors close. At that time, they will be taken to the late/club room (the library) and a member of staff will be on duty with them until 4.00pm. If any non club/coaching boys are still in school at 4pm, they will be taken to the office and parents will be contacted. Please make sure that class teachers are notified, in writing, of any changes to collection plans.

If you are collecting boys from a club, please do not come into school before 5.00pm. If you are collecting your son from tutoring before 5.00pm, please do not let other parents/carers into the school or indeed at any other time of the day.

There may be some congestion on the stairs in the first few days of term whilst our new parents and boys find their classrooms.  Please bear with them all, but please adhere to the above collection plans.  The timings are for parents’ benefit as well as allowing for extra time- Year 2 and Year 3 senior lessons run until 3.30 as well as return to school from games at that time, so please help by not queuing outside classrooms before the given times.  It would also help if you could walk up by the wall and down by the banisters, as the boys do.

All boys will be given a small card detailing the school address and telephone number. This should be kept in the inside blazer pocket. We do this for use on trips, if needed, and I remind you now so that you know to remove it when dry cleaning the blazers!

Any requests for individual instrument or voice lessons should be made in writing to the Head of Music, Mr. Mühlemann. He, or one of his music staff, will then notify you of details of forthcoming lessons. Places permitting, I would encourage as many pupils as possible to take individual music lessons as they have been much enjoyed and most successful in the past.  (Voice, Recorder, Flute Guitar, Piano or Violin).  Please note that we are currently unable to provide Suzuki Piano lessons.

Our new Head boy is Hector Sheppard (3A Blue) and our Deputy Head boy is Orlando Angelini- Hurll (3A Blue) I know that they and the other monitors will do a superb job to help make the school run smoothly.  I thank them all very much and look forward to working with them.

I am aware that I have outlined a lot of do’s and don’ts! The essence of this letter is to welcome you but also make sure that you know what is required for the new school year.

It you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the school. There will be other letters or e mails with information for you throughout the term, please check your son’s homework folder (and sometimes desk€¦) regularly.

I would also be grateful if you could pass on any relevant information to anyone other than yourselves who may be involved in your son’s time at school (nannies, drivers etc.)

I look forward to seeing you all and to a happy and eventful term.

Yours sincerely,

Miss Lucy Watts

Eaton House The Vale Welcome Letter

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Dear Parents,

For those of you joining us for the first time, a very warm welcome, and to our returning pupils and families, welcome back.

We have new faces amongst the staff this term, all of whom I am sure you will get to know as the term progresses. Our new staff include Miss Jess as an Assistant in the Nursery, Miss Alexandra as the Teaching Assistant in Reception, Miss Sinead as the Form 1 Class Teacher, and Monsieur Remy Le Ny as the French teacher. We also have Miss Louise and Miss Friederike assisting around the school, and Miss Cornelia who is a student teacher from Germany with us for six weeks.

Could I make my usual request for you to please check the term dates on the school website so that you can plan your holidays accordingly. Half term is the week of 24th October, and we will have a long weekend with Friday 18th November as a holiday.

I would like to invite you to an informal information and drinks evening next Wednesday, 14th September. The class teachers will be in their classrooms at 6pm to give you a brief outline of some aspects of your child’s curriculum, after which I would be delighted if you could join me in the Hall for a glass of wine between 6.30 and 7.30.

I am sure the children will settle down very quickly as always. Do take them into their classrooms for the first couple of days; please don’t stay long though, as they will calm down much sooner if you leave them and us to it!

We look forward to a happy and successful term – the Vale community spirit is always very much in evidence and all new parents and pupils will find they are warmly welcomed by everyone. Please do feel free to talk to us and we will answer any questions you have as best we can.

With best wishes for a wonderful Autumn term,

Mr R. Greenwood

Eaton House The manor Pre-Preparatory Welcome Letter

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Dear Parents,

First of all may I welcome everyone to the start of what promises to be an exciting new academic year.  The teachers have been working very hard preparing everything for the term ahead and it has been lovely to see the boys so full of energy and enthusiasm as they enter their new classrooms.  I am sure that the boys will quickly settle into their new routines.

A special welcome must go to our very new boys who have joined us in Kindergarten and in Years Two and Three.  I am sure that they will soon feel part of the Pre-Prep family and we will do everything we can to ensure that they are very happy here.

We have also welcomed some new staff to the Pre-Prep.  New Class Teachers are Miss Emily Day in 1A, Miss Lauren Smith in 2A and Mr Simon Cassell in 3C.  Mr Cassell is also the Year Co-ordinator for Year Three.  Miss Naomie Lemay will be teaching the boys French.

The new Assistant Teachers are Miss India in KG1, Miss Lucy in KG3, Miss Lorraine in 1A, Miss Hayley in 1B and Miss Kerry and Miss Philippa in 1C.  Miss Raquel remains with KG2.  Classes in Years Two and Three will continue to be assisted by our subject specialists, when they are not teaching their own subjects.

Information Evenings
Next week you are invited to attend an Information Evening with your son’s class teacher.  It will be a good opportunity for you to get to know the teachers better and to find out about the curriculum for the year and classroom routines.

The Kindergarten Information Evening will be held on Monday, 12th September at 6.00pm and we hope that you will be able to stay for a social evening afterwards when you can get to know the other parents in your year group.

Information Evenings for parents of boys in Years One, Two and Three will be held on Tuesday, 13th September from 6.00 – 6.45pm.  There will be a talk about entry into Eaton House The Manor Prep School with Mrs Cawthorne and Mr Edwards, in the theatre, for parents of boys in Year Two at 6.45 pm.

Important Dates
You will see from the Autumn Term Calendar that we have a stimulating and busy few weeks ahead of us.  Please do check the dates carefully – particularly important ones to note are:

12th September – Kindergarten Information Evening and Social
13th September – Information Evening for Years One, Two and Three
16th September – Second Hand Uniform Sale
7th October – Jeans for Genes (jeans may be worn for a donation to charity)
15th October – Open Day (some boys needed for music and games demonstrations)
24th – 28th October – Half-Term
18th November – Long Leave Day (no school)
24th November – Parents’ Evening
1st December – Kindergarten Nativity 11.00 am (KG boys may go home afterwards)
13th December – Christmas Carol Service at Holy Trinity 2.00 pm
15th December – End of Term 12.00 noon

You will also find a copy of the calendar and other useful information, such as this term’s lunch menus, on the school website.

Trips and Workshops
Payment for trips and workshops will now be added to the school fees bill, in arrears.

Early Morning
We do offer early morning care from 8.00 – 8.30 am.  The boys are supervised by Mrs Narjot Gill or Mrs Emma Tillson, who are fully qualified nursery assistants from our very own Nursery.  Each session costs £1 and is charged to parents retrospectively, each half term.

The main doors to the school open at 8.30 am and boys should not enter their classrooms until this time, unless they have a coaching lesson, as this is vital time for staff meetings and lesson preparation.  If your son is invited to attend SRA or handwriting with Miss Rebecca, the boys do not need to come into school early as these sessions do not start until 8.35 am.

House Photographs
These will be taken next Thursday, so I hope the boys will look particularly smart for these.

Uniform and Equipment
Please check that every item of uniform and equipment that your son brings to school is named.  As you can imagine, the boys quite often mislay things but if they are clearly labelled then we can get everything back to the right place.

With very best wishes to you all for the new academic year and the term ahead!

Yours sincerely,

Mrs P T M Cawthorne
The Headmistress

Eaton House The Manor Girls' Welcome Letter

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to the Autumn Term. I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Summer with your families.

New Girls
We are delighted to welcome twenty one girls into our Kindergarten class this term. In addition we have two new girls joining 1A and two new girls in Form Two. This takes our pupil numbers to 101.

New Staff
A warm welcome to our new teachers this term:

Olive Edmunds (F5 and Senior Mistress)

Victoria McCambridge (Form 1 Assistant Teacher, based in 1B)

Charlotte Palmer (Games and general subjects, based in 1A)

Camilla Brown (Gap Assistant, based in F3)

Laura Buist (Nursery teacher) will be joining us two afternoons a week as part of her GTP training.

Mrs Nicola Borthwick takes over as Deputy Headmistress this term and I have no doubt she will do a wonderful job. As well as leading Junior Assembly and taking on various responsibilities within school, Miss Nicola will also be dismissing the girls on Wednesdays.

Form Reps
Our Form Reps continue to work hard behind the scenes and this term they have a fun Quiz night planned – more details to follow! New Form Reps will be appointed in January so please have a think about whether you would like to be involved.

Summer Work
The maintenance staff have been busy over the Summer break ensuring that our new classroom is ready and extending the playground to the rear of the Girls’ School. New equipment has also been bought for this area.

In addition, the front entrance hall, stairway to the Music and Art/DT rooms and the Gym have been repainted and a new minibus has been purchased.

The roofs on the Pre-Prep building have been replaced to allow for solar panels to be fitted during the coming Half Term break.

A reminder that KG girls should be in Winter Uniform from the start of term. The rest of the school may choose to wear either Winter or Summer uniform until Monday 3rd October when Winter Uniform becomes compulsory. Please do ensure that your daughter wears the appropriate hat with her uniform and the correct colour socks (short white for summer, long green for winter). May I take this opportunity to remind you that all outerwear should be as listed on the school uniform list. Girls may wear a green duffle coat, green cagoule, bottle green gloves and the striped school scarf.

Parents’ Information Evening
This will take place on Thursday 15th September for all classes in the Girls’ School. The evening starts at 6.00pm in your daughter’s form room. Kindergarten parents are cordially invited to stay for a Drinks party in the Theatre afterwards.

IAPS Annual Conference
Please be aware that I shall be attending the IAPS Annual Conference in Birmingham this term and will be away from Monday 26th September to Wednesday 28th September. Should you have any pressing concerns during these three days please do contact Miss Nicola.

I look forward to another fun-filled and productive term. Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to pop in for a chat or call me. Alternatively you may email me at

With best wishes

Mrs Sarah Segrave

Eaton House The Manor Nursery Welcome Letter

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Dear Parent,

Welcome back to you all and especially to the new children and parents who are starting this term. I hope everyone had a lovely break over the Summer holidays.  All the teachers and I are looking forward to the Autumn term.

Please make a note of the important dates from our nursery calendar. We have a busy term with the individual photographs on the 9th November, Parents Evening will be held on the 24th November and the nativities will be on the 7th November. We also have a long weekend on Friday 18th November.

To make payments for trips easier we will be billing you in arrears for the terms trip. As before you will be given a consent form and the cost will be on this letter.

We would like to encourage parental involvement in the nursery. Please do not hesitate to see your class teacher if you would like to read, bake cakes or participate in another activity.

I hope you all have a wonderful term and please do not hesitate to come and see me if you have any questions or concerns.

Kind regards,

Miss Roosha
Head of Nursery