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Eaton House The Vale Welcome Letter

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Dear Parents

Happy New Year – and welcome to the new pupils in the Nursery!

We welcome Miss Rochelle as the new teacher in the Lower Kindergarten class on the ground floor, and Miss Bridget joins Miss Sally-Anne in the Nursery class. We also are very pleased to welcome Miss Katherine, who will be assisting in the Nursery this term. They have already been working hard to prepare a happy welcome for the children – please do introduce yourselves to them.

Clubs continue as last term, with the exception of Science, which unfortunately Miss Bella is unable to offer this term: Art on Mondays with Miss Sally-Anne and Miss Chloë; Spanish with Miss Chloë on Tuesdays, as well as French club for the Nursery, KG and Form 1; French club for Year 2 and 3 on Wednesdays;. Letters will be winging their way home, so watch out for them! I know that Mr. Bedford has already been contacted by those who have signed up for Tennis.

There is also a letter regarding a possible Chess Club for Years 1 – 3. I would be interested in feedback.

I always like to take this opportunity to refresh memories on a few points: term dates, absences and times of arrival in particular!

As always, the term dates are easily accessible on the website, but just to make life easier€¦ half term is the week of 21st February, with Friday 18th February being a normal school day finishing at 3.30. Term ends on Thursday 31st March at 12 noon. May I make my usual request here of asking you to please book your holiday flights so that your children have a full term of school. Start now! If, for any entirely unavoidable reason, you have to take your child abroad during term time, I need a written request for the time off please.

As far as absences are concerned, if your child is unwell and unable to come to school, please email me or leave a voicemail to let us know as early as possible on the day; this allows us to fill in the registers accordingly.

I open the door each morning between 8.30 and 8.45 am. Please aim to get your child here during that time. After 8.45, if I do not answer the buzzer it is because I am in Assembly; please go down the stairs on the left of the front door and ring the basement doorbell.

I hope you all had wonderful holidays and that you are looking forward to the new term as much as we are!

With best wishes,

Mr R. Greenwood

Eaton House Belgravia Welcome Letter

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to Eaton House and Happy New Year!

As ever, we have another busy term with lots of different events and activities planned.  In the first few weeks of term, our 7+ and 8+ boys will be taking their London Day and Boarding School examinations.  This is a busy and important time for the boys, the staff and parents, so your support in helping to keep them and each other, as €˜calm’ as possible is gratefully received.

We, as ever, have many events planned for this term and next, for example the Y1 Fashion Show (25th March), Y1 Parents’ Information Evening (2nd March), International Day next term (25th May), Sports Day (8th July) and the Y3 Leavers’ concert (13th July) amongst many others.  I am very aware that your contribution to these events and theme days are huge and are appreciated.  We will endeavor to give you as much information and warning as possible so that you can all contribute and be involved.  However, I realise that this doesn’t always happen or isn’t always possible, so please do diary date the key events now.  I put out a plea to parents who have existing or have had past pupils with us, to inform and €˜educ

ate’ new parents as to what our events entail but also welcome any queries myself or via the staff.

We continue to collect used postage stamps for the RSPB.  There is a small collection box in the No 3 entrance hall. Please encourage friends and family to collect stamps too.  We are also collecting old Christmas Cards which we will take to Marks and Spencers for recycling on behalf of the Woodland Trust and also paperback books (adults) for The Royal Marsden Hospital.  There will be boxes in the No 3 entrance hall for the next week or so.

There are several sporting fixtures planned this term.  We really encourage support; Grandparents, God parents, and other supports are welcome too.

Please make sure that if your son is playing in a match, he is aware as to what the collection plans might be e.g. return to school or collected by you after a match.  Please do all try to give your support as it is so important and appreciated by staff and boys alike.  A good number of supporters also sends out a great message to our €˜opposing’ schools about what an encouraging body we have!

Games kit and uniform
Please make sure that your son has the correct uniform and games kit at school.  All items should be named.  Some boys might need reminding that their kit is on their pegs.  This should, hopefully, avoid parents receiving unnecessary calls from school.  Boys in Y2 and Y3 who repeatedly forget their kit might have to miss a games session.  Boys will not be allowed to represent the school in matches if they do not have the correct kit.  I realise that kit has a habit of €˜walking’€¦.. The lost property box is kept in Miss Nanda’s room on the first floor, no 3 side as well as boxes in some of the cloakrooms.  You will receive a letter about Peter Jones uniform as they will shortly be taking orders online. Please note that Perry uniform is now supplying woolen hats for use at games (only) during the cold weather.  They are also quite €˜cool’ so I encourage that they are worn pre matches!

There are a number of clubs available.  I thoroughly recommend that boys join clubs; however, I advise that they only join one or two clubs.  Please do look at the term’s list as there are some new clubs including, Singing and Rhythm, Junk modeling and Backgammon.  Do also consider the weekend clubs as these provide a wonderful addition to our extra curricular activities.

Miss Delbar Papadopoulos joins us as a piano teacher this term and takes over from Mr Faja.  Do, please, continue to encourage boys to learn an instrument.  Any musical requirements should be directed to Mr Muhlemann.

Please return to your son’s teacher as soon as possible.

At the end of term, we will be hosting our €˜Green Day’.  To encourage the boys to be aware of environmental issues, please help by not sending in break with too much packaging.  For example, crisps or fruit needn’t be sent in a plastic bad and drinks should be in re-usable containers.  Boys may not have yogurts, sandwiches or a picnic type break.  They should just have one item of food.

We will hold LITERACY & NUMERACY week in February (Week of 14th). During this week, we will host our various events such as a book fair.  We would be extremely grateful for any willing parents to help us with handwriting activities, reading stories, maths workshops etc.  Any ideas welcome!  Please see your son’s teacher if you would like to help.  There will be more details later in the term.

Sunningdale Prep School
The Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster from Sunningdale will be hosting a drinks and talk here on Wednesday 9th February, 6-7pm.  Their talk will be primarily about Boarding School life.  I realise that not all of you are considering boarding but it promises to be an educationally informative evening and an opportunity for parents to gain insight into future possibilities.  I encourage as many of you as possible to join us, regardless of your son’s year group.

There will be an Information Evening for Year One parents on Wednesday 2nd March.  The purpose of the evening is to look in more depth at both London and Boarding schools as well as more specifically at what we do at Eaton House to prepare the boys for 7+/8+.  Further details will follow.

Other news
Miss Clare (F3) is now KG Year Coordinator, and Miss Henrietta (1B) is now Year One Co-ordinatior.  Miss Georgie Wilkins returns to us for one day a week having had some time off to have three children as well as helping with supply and one to one lessons with Eaton House pupils.  Miss Georgie Baly is with us for a term as our Gap student.  She started with us in the last couple of weeks of last term having previously helped at Notting Hill Prep.

Summer Term
Although there is the long weekend, at the beginning of the summer term, due to the Royal Wedding and Spring Bank Holiday, we intend to start school, as planned on Thursday, 28th April.  We did discuss the possibility of not starting term on the Tuesday with the Group and several other local schools but the majority are doing as we will and many of the Prep Schools will have Common Entrance looming at the beginning of May.  It is our intention to have a cross-curricular, fun day on the 28th based on the Royal Wedding.  Being together, at school will be an ideal way of celebrating a special moment in British History.  If any boys are unable to attend school that day please would you request their absence, in writing, as per normal practice.

This letter will be posted on our website, as will our termdates.

I look forward to seeing you all in the near future,

Yours sincerely,
Miss Lucy Watts

Eaton House The Manor Pre-Preparatory Welcome Letter

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year!  I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas holiday and that the boys have had a chance to re-charge their batteries ready for the term ahead.  As usual we have much planned for the forthcoming term.


You may have noticed that Gracie Harris, one of our fabulous team of Assistant Teachers is expecting a baby very soon.  She will be leaving us at the end of next week and will be replaced by Hayley Wallace, who is a graduate with experience of working with young children at Wellesley House Prep School, in Kent.  Our GAP Assistant for this term is, Prep school old boy, Roland Merz and he will be with us for one term before he goes travelling.

Important Dates

You will see from the Spring Term Calendar that we have a stimulating and busy few weeks ahead of us.  Please do check the dates carefully – particularly important ones to note are:

26th January – 8+ Examinations
28th January – Scholarship interviews and practicals
21st – 25th February – half-term
28th February – Book week begins
4th March – Author in school (costumes to be worn – being judged by author)
17th March – Spring Fair
18th March – Red Nose Day (boys to wear mufti and something red!)
31st March – End of Term

You will also find a copy of the calendar and other useful information, such as this term’s lunch menus, on the school website.

Summer Term

Although there is the long weekend, at the beginning of the summer term, due to the Royal Wedding and Spring Bank Holiday, we intend to start school, as planned on Thursday, 28th April.  We did discuss the possibility of not starting term on the Thursday but the Prep school have two field trips which are going away on the Friday and with Common Entrance looming, Mr Edwards thought that it would be best if staff could touch base with the boys.  It is our intention to have a cross-curricular fun day in the Pre-Prep, based on the royal wedding. If any boys are unable to attend school that day please would you request their absence,   in writing, as per normal procedure.

Advance Warning

This year Sports Day will be held on Tuesday, 5th July at 2.00 pm, at the Battersea Millenium Stadium.  Please note that there will be no morning school on this day.

If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

With very best wishes to you all for the New Year and the term ahead!

Yours sincerely,

The Headmistress
Mrs P T M Cawthorne

Eaton House The Manor Nursery Welcome Letter

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

Dear Parents

Welcome back to you all and an especially warm welcome to the new children and parents who are starting this term. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and here is to a happy and healthy 2011.

Miss Gabi is expecting her first baby in the summer, congratulations Miss Gabi.

I have a few tea towels left over if you would like one please come and see me.

This term Miss Emily who will assist on Tuesdays and Thursdays will join Miss Laura, we also have Miss Victoria joining the Blue Room as a student teacher. Miss Laura and Miss Sarah will be teaching the Blue Room Monday, Wednesday, Friday class.

Miss Georgina has returned from her exciting travels and will be in the Yellow Room with Miss Charlie and Miss Alina will be assisting.

Miss Gabi will join Miss Elizabeth and myself in the Green Room.

Miss Emma and Miss Navjot will be the Green Room assistants. Miss Sue is joining the nursery as our housekeeper.

I would like to bring your attention to the date of our Parents Evening this term, which will be held on Thursday 17th March.

The nursery doors open at 8.40am. The morning session finishes at 12.00 the doors will be open just before 12.00 to ease congestion. Children who stay for the afternoon can be collected at 3.30pm. If anyone other than you is collecting your child, or you drop off late or collect your child early please sign the registration book hanging on the classroom door.

For the safety and security of the children please do not hold the main front door open for anyone you don’t know. They need to buzz the intercom.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to come and see me. I am based in the Green Room.

Kind regards,
Miss Roosha

Eaton House The Manor Girls' Welcome Letter

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to the Spring Term. I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas with your families.

New Girls
We are delighted to welcome three new girls into our Kindergarten classes this term. Isabella and Sophia Kirkwood will be joining KG1 and Mia Risa will be joining KG2.

As you know Miss Nicky our dance teacher relocated to Sydney at the end of last term. We are fortunate to have Raquel Ashton, an experienced classical ballet teacher from the Royal Academy of Dance, joining us this term. Miss Raquel has already met the girls and is looking forward to teaching them this term.

Miss Rebecca Box joins us on a part time basis to set up a Learning Support department within the school. Miss Rebecca will work with individual girls who need specific learning support, and will liaise with visiting speech and language and occupational therapists where necessary. All girls will be screened in Form One each year and as needed at other times. Miss Rebecca is a very experienced teacher who has taught at Thomas’s, Finton House, JAPs, Unicorn School and Tower House.

Mr Paul Roscoe joins the team as an Assistant Teacher and ICT technician. He will be based in the Girls’ School every morning, and will be responsible for ICT support across the group of schools in the afternoons.

As I am sure some of you may well know, Miss Helena is expecting a baby! The baby is due at the start of April and Miss Helena is anticipating starting her maternity leave on 18th March. I am sure you will all join with me in congratulating her and her husband on this lovely news! A new Assistant Teacher for KG2 will be appointed to work with Miss Emily in the Summer Term.

Form Reps
I would like to establish a system of Form Representatives this term. Initially this role would involve being a contact point for any new families joining your daughter’s form, and being part of a committee to organise a charitable/social event. I would hope that the role will develop naturally to provide another useful avenue of communication between parents and the school.

Should you be interested in becoming a form representative, please email me before Friday 28th January.

Term Dates and Class Assemblies
To avoid any conflict of interest with Pre-Prep assemblies we have moved our class assembly day to Thursdays. Please see the attached term dates for the date of your daughter’s assembly, and other key dates for the term.

The Summer Term will start on Thursday April 28th as already published, but we will be closed on Friday due to the Royal Wedding. School reopens after the Bank Holiday weekend on Tuesday 3rd May.

May I take this opportunity to remind you that all outerwear should be as listed on the school uniform list. Girls may wear a green duffle coat, bottle green gloves and the striped school scarf. The optional fleece for Form 3 upwards is no longer part of the Girls’ uniform, but if your daughter has it she may continue to wear it until it is outgrown.

All hair accessories should be red, green or tortoiseshell, though they may wear pink on Wednesdays for ballet!

Ideally Games kit should be named on the outside on the right as you look at it just below the embroidered logo. In cold weather please do pack an extra layer for Games and ensure tracksuits are in school. It is essential that all girls playing hockey in F2 upwards have a mouthguard and shin pads. Those girls selected to play in fixtures against other schools will be unable to participate unless they have these items.

I look forward to another fun-filled and productive term. Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to pop in for a chat or call me. Alternatively you may email me at

With best wishes,

Mrs S Segrave