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Eaton House Belgravia Welcome Letter

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Dear Parents,

1. Welcome back to you all. We all look forward to the Summer Term with what I hope will be some nice weather and some exciting events planned. We have a busy time ahead of us all (please make a note of the term dates which will be displayed on our website) and I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible during the term.

2. I do hope that not too many of you have been disrupted by the plane cancellations. As I write, we have seven staff still stranded abroad. Some are due back on Friday and others we hope will return early next week. I have organised an assortment of cover with both agency and ex-staff and friends of the school. All have been wonderfully supportive and willing to help and I ask that you do the same until ‘normal business is resumed’!

3. Miss Emily and her new husband, Ed, married earlier this month. Her new name is Poynter.

4. We will be taking Boots Factor 25+ sun cream to Games and all outings. Staff will apply sun cream to the boys at their discretion. If you would prefer your son NOT to use the school sun cream, please inform his teacher in writing.

5. Eaton House Summer Caps should be in school as part of the boys’ Games Kit. Kindergarten boys will be given their new caps shortly. Boys should continue to wear their normal caps to and from school. All boys should have boot bags at school to take outdoor shoes to and from games.

6. Sports Day – Tuesday 6th July 10.00am. A key date for your diaries! Further information will be sent out nearer the time but if you are new to Eaton House, please make sure that you are able to watch and photograph/video the impressive ‘Blazers Off’ at the beginning of Sports Day. There will be the usual parents’ 3-legged race, so do get practising! As is the tradition, Mr Cooke is keen for old boys to help if, of course, they are on official leave from school.

7. Please make sure that contact details are up to date.

8. Please note that the Kindergartens should not be in school on Friday 11th June, as we have new boys visiting on that day.

9. Y3 boys are granted a rare but nonetheless necessary day off on Tuesday 15th June after PGL and a half day on Friday 21st May after Hill End. Collection is at 12.00pm in advance of the school play on Thursday May 13th and boys should not come into school until 10.30am on Friday 14th May.
The above leave is helpful to the running of the school as well as of benefit to the particular year groups. However, I strongly urge you NOT to take any other extra leave from school. I also ask that boys in any year group are not taken out of school early at the end of term.

Whilst I understand that siblings might have different end of term dates, it is important that all boys have the opportunity to experience the end of term and final year end assembly together. This is something that we very much value at Eaton House and boys will only have four chances to experience this before leaving us!

10. Please note the date of the Book Fair on Wednesday 23rd June. This will be running throughout the day. The Golden Treasury Book shop will man the sale all day and boys and parents will be encouraged to visit. There will be more information to follow and no doubt a request for helpers to offer their support at anytime during the day or evening.

11. Boys are being encouraged to learn €˜Life Skills’. These include being able to do up top buttons, tie shoe laces and know their home phone numbers, for example. Please help your sons with these valuable skills.

12. From now on, Mr Cooke will email team lists and match letters to parents. A copy will also be displayed in the No. 3 entrance hall.

13. There will be an opportunity for families to have €˜Mothers and Sons’ photographs taken on Wednesday 26th May. Some of you may wish to give these to fathers (some time in June…). Whatever the occasion, this will be a nice opportunity for you and the boys.

14. Think-a-link workshop, Friday 30th April. This is an exciting new workshop for the whole school focusing upon ‘a fun and easy way to learn and remember things’. Details such as costs will be sent out in due course.

15. We have our usual number of theme days and events such as Maths Day and International Day; volunteers always welcome!

16. Please continue to bring in used postage stamps for the RSPB, collection box in the No. 3 hall.

17. There will not be any clubs on Wednesday 23rd June because of Parents’ Evening.

18. Please help to keep the boys €˜green’ by not sending in break with unnecessary packaging.

19. A reminder plea about naming all of your son’s uniform, kit and shoes…

    As ever, if there is anything that you wish to discuss with myself or any of the staff, regarding the welfare of your son, please do contact us.

    I look forward to seeing you all soon.

    Yours sincerely,

    Miss Lucy Watts

    Eaton House The Manor Nursery Welcome Letter

    Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

    Dear Parents,

    Welcome back to you all and an especially warm welcome to the new children and parents who are starting this term in the Blue Room and the White Room. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter, all the teachers including myself are looking forward to a busy and fun summer term.

    Please see the nursery calendar for this term. Hopefully you all be able to attend the following events. We have The Barnardo’s Big Toddle on Wednesday 26th May, the Fete on 30th June and Sports Day on 7th July. More details will follow.

    The lunch menus are available on our front notice board and on-line. Perry now supplies our uniform, though I have a small supply in the nursery. T-shirts and sweatshirts cost £8.50 each.

    There will be no Parents Evening this term as written reports will be sent home on the last day of term.

    The doors will be open from 11.50am to 12pm every day for pick up time. The children who stay for the afternoon sessions should be collected at 3.30pm.

    If your child has any allergies that require an epipen, please bring one in a named bag to be kept in the Nursery office.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to come and see me. I am based in the Green Room.

    Kind regards,

    Miss Elizabeth

    Eaton House The Vale Welcome Letter

    Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

    Dear Parents,

    Welcome back to the start of the summer term – those of you who have indeed managed to get back despite volcanoes€¦I wonder how many were rescued by the navy? All funny travel anecdotes to me please!

    I trust that you all managed to have good holidays before the travel chaos began, and we look forward to the children arriving back at school refreshed and ready to begin again. One of the Summer term events we look forward to is Sports Day, which will take place from 2 – 3 o’clock on the afternoon of Wednesday 23rd June.

    Art Club continues with Miss Louisa and Miss Jude on Monday afternoons. French Club (Petit Pierrot) will be taking place again this term on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons – please see me as soon as possible if you have not yet registered your son or daughter for this and would like to do so. We don’t assume that children who took part last term will automatically do so again this term unless you fill in the relevant slips…
    Tennis with Mr Bedford also continues on Thursday and Friday afternoons – again, please see me if you need further information.

    Another reminder about arrival time:
    Please note that all pupils should arrive at school between 8.30 and 8.45. We have assembly three mornings a week, which begin at 8.50 – it is so important that the children have time to greet their teachers and friends, and to organise themselves, so please do get them here on time.

    I am sure this will be a good, productive term and I look forward to seeing everyone as flights begin to get everyone back home.

    With best wishes

    Mr R. Greenwood

    Eaton House The Manor Pre-Preparatory Welcome Letter

    Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

    Dear Parents,

    Welcome Back!

    I do hope that everyone had a most enjoyable and relaxing break, without too many delays and problems caused by the volcanic eruption. It has been lovely welcoming the boys back to school so full of energy and enthusiasm for the term ahead.

    Due to the travel disruptions, Mr Chambers is stuck in Egypt and Miss Liz in Oman. We hope they will be back soon!

    Staff News

    We warmly welcome Katie Miller and Rob Stewart to the Pre-Prep staff. Rob will be Form Teacher for 2C and Katie will be a Teaching Assistant across the school. Miss Kim is settling into her new home in Scotland but retains a keen interest in the progress of those boys she has taught – we will keep in touch.

    Diary Dates

    You will see from the Summer Term Calendar that we have a stimulating and busy few weeks ahead of us. Please do check the dates carefully – particularly important ones to note are:

    26th – 28th April  Form Three Trip to Hilltop, Norfolk

    3rd May  Bank Holiday – school closed

    14th June  Exam Morning (Forms One, Two and Three)

    24th June  Parents’ Evening (no clubs)

    1st July  Form Three Play

    5th July  Sports Day (Battersea Millenium Stadium at 10.00 am, no afternoon school – more details to follow closer to the day)

    You will also find a copy of the calendar and other useful information, such as this term’s lunch menus, on the school website

    Summer Uniform

    Boys may wear white, short sleeved shirts and green ankle socks, to school this term (except on 17th May when we have class photographs). They should also have their sun caps at school to wear for Games. Kindergarten and new boys will be provided with these at the start of term, so please make sure that the sun cap is clearly named.

    Sun Screen

    Please would you apply sun screen to your son, on very sunny days, before he comes to school. We will apply a top up on Games afternoons. Please inform your son’s form teacher if your son is allergic to sun screen or you wish to provide your own.

    Should you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    With best wishes,

    Mrs P T M Cawthorne
    The Headmistress

    Eaton House The Manor Girls' School Welcome Letter

    Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

    Dear Parents,

    I hope that you have had a lovely, relaxing Easter holiday.  EHTM has staff and children who have not been able to fly back to the UK yet.  Mr Gillett is currently in Egypt but will return as soon as he can!

    We have, as usual, a busy term, the first half being taken up with rehearsals for Dick Whittington.  We look forward to seeing you all on 27th May at 2.30 for the performance.  Do please ensure that costumes are in on time and that your daughter knows her lines!  F3/4 are going to Hilltop in Norfolk with the Y3 Pre Prep boys, for three days of fun activities, there are class trips planned and a whole school trip at the end of term when we are all going to Greenwich for an enjoyable day together.  We are holding a joint assembly with the Pre Prep to learn more about Islam and there is Sport Day to look forward to.  And we have a Parents v F3/4 and Staff rounders match – a first for the Girls’ School.  More about my idea later, this will be a lovely way to end the school year.

    Could I ask you that you do not arrange your daughter’s birthday party on a school day. The girls get so excited on the day and then are tired the next so we do not manage to get much teaching done.  Many thanks.

    Mrs Segrave and I finalised the staffing for September last term and we have an excellent, experienced team.  Mrs Nicola (who was Headmistress of EHTM Nursery School, has had a variety of teaching experience and is returning from maternity leave) will teach F4/5, Mrs Sue F3, Mrs Jane F2, Mrs Kirsten (who is returning from maternity leave and who taught F1 in the PP) F1 and the two Kindergartens will be taught by Miss Emily assisted by Miss Celestine (an ex-Vale School pupil of mine) and Miss Emma assisted by Miss Gracie.  We will continue to have plenty of support from the specialist part time staff as we do now.

    I am very much looking forward to my last term in education – the Summer Term is always a particularly enjoyable one with lots going on, including my Retirement Party on 16th June.  I look forward to seeing you all there.

    Yours sincerely,

    Susie Lang